Our philosophy is that events that do good are better events. They have a strong sense of purpose, are deeply engaging and help make a better world. The name of that philosophy: Kindology.

Nice to meet you

An event can be an amazing experience. The sense of belonging and identity is extremely powerful. And, of course, it is harnessed for the main thrust of the event. Quite rightly.

But, we believe, an opportunity is being missed. Adding a charitable / CSR element gives the event an extra degree of purpose. Participants do good, and feel good as a result.

And, of course, good is done through the impact on communities and beyond. Kindology is a new venture that creates this additional, powerful content and harnesses the energy created in events to do good.

After 20 years working in the meetings sector, and with a lifelong passion working for charitable causes, Michael Foreman has brought these previously separated worlds together. To realise this goal, he has partnered with senior professionals in the charity and creative sectors.